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  • Water Testing

Middle East Environmental Laboratories (MEL) capabilities of testing various types of water including Drinking and Potable Water, Ground Water, Sea Water, Waste and Treated Waters according to the International and Local standards including the current regulations of water by Kuwait Environmental Public Authority (KEPA).
MEL is equipped with all relevant instruments and testing procedures to test the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters for all types of water.

  • Soil & Sludge Testing

Middle East Environmental Laboratories (MEL) capabilities of testing wide range of soil and sediments tests. Our full range of tests including LOR’s, accreditation status and method numbers are available by contacting us.

  • Chemical Testing

Middle East Environmental Laboratories (MEL) is equipped with a number of chemical testing equipment’s including but not limited to FTIR, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, pH and conductivity meter, Refractometer, moisture content, autotitrator, viscosity and density meter that capable to test and identify various kinds of chemicals and petroleum products and determining the quality and purity of those chemical substances.

  • Petroleum Testing

MEL multi-purpose oil and petroleum testing laboratory is capable of testing crude oil and other types of oil in different stages of manufacturing and production, the laboratory is equipped with all instruments and accessories for massive projects as soil remediation projects and other environmental projects.

  • Food Testing

The quality of Food and water is affecting human health at all ages of life as no one can live without food and water, therefore the purity and safety of food and water from those chemicals and toxic materials is main target for families, local and governmental authorities.
The capabilities of MEL to determine the purity and safety of food and water in local market to ensure safe products are given to children and residence in such country.
Most of contaminated food and water including bacteria, moulds and chemical compounds including pesticide residue and other carcinogenic compounds will not be seen in eye or noticed by smell or taste as are in very low level that require special sophisticated instruments and accurate validated techniques and procedures.

  • Environmental Hygiene

Middle East Environmental Laboratories (MEL) capabilities of environmental monitoring testing for different types of Food products (Meat, Chicken, Fish, Lamb (cooked and uncooked), Dairy.
Milk, Milk products (Ice cream, cheese, yogurt) and surfaces and processing equipment including O-rings, nozzles, and areas with irregularly-shaped surfaces, corners, grooves and cracks, Cutting knife, Food Slicers/grinders.
The Environmental testing including, Total coliforms, E. Coli, Total viable Bacteria, Listeria and Salmonella.

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